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As the Volunteer Coordinator it was amazing to see 600 volunteers come together for a common goal. Registry Week allowed friendships to be formed between surveying teams and community members, whether housed or unhoused. It was a beautiful thing to witness and I am pleased to be involved. -Volunteer Coordinator

Common Ground Santa Barbara Countyrecruits and trains volunteers to help with Registry Week,organizes year round volunteer teams, educational trainingsand notifies people aboutvolunteer needs in the community. This website is dedicated to providing you with information on how you can get involved!

Common Ground Santa Barbara County, in partnership with the100k Homes Campaignand theCentral Coast Collaborative on Homelessness (C3H),is dedicated to recruiting, training and educating volunteers so they can effectively house the most vulnerable individuals and families in Santa Barbara County

We are a collaborative effort of community members from the non-profit, governmental, business and faith communities of Santa Barbara County striving to end homelessness in our communities.

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Common Ground has affected me in so many great ways. Primarily, the team I am a part of with people who care so tremendously. The affects of the team are displayed in the park; people are progressing and being loved consistently. I absolutely believe in what we are doing! -Volunteer



TheCommon Ground Santa Barbara County volunteer effortis a special project of the Legal Aid Foundation of Santa Barbara County.



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