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Volunteering is a great way to support the work to end homelessness.

I love meeting and building relationships with people I would probably not otherwise have done, and continually seeing the diversity and magnitude of homelessness in our community is eye opening. -Volunteer, Common Ground Santa Barbara County

Join a Year Round Common Ground Santa Barbara County Volunteer Team

The next training is Saturday, July 8, 2017 from 10am-2pm: If you are interested contact our volunteer coordinator, Catherine, atcgvolunteers@gmail.com.


Common Ground Santa Barbara Countyis dedicated to recruiting, training and educating volunteers so they can effectively work on teams to house the most vulnerable individuals and families in our County.

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We want you to have the information, tools and support necessary to help our neighbors without homes move into housing and stay housed. As a Common Ground Santa Barbara County volunteer, you engage in outreach and attend a variety of trainings that will help shape your advocacy skills.

Our goal for you is to become a strong voice for our neighbors without homes while you help stabilize their lives. We are excited to bring you volunteer trainings based on best practices that emphasize the core Mental Health Service Act principles of empowerment and recovery.

If you’re interested in making a positive differencein the lives of others, contact our Volunteer Coordinator:

805-451-5604 or by emailcgvolunteers@gmail.com

Non-Profit Volunteer Needs In Our Community

Click here to learn about volunteer needs in our community and for ideas on how to organize a sock & supply drive!

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Vulnerability Index Survey 2017

Thank you to the 400+ people who volunteered for the Point In Time Count Survey!

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